Brandon and Blaire | Fall Wedding | Woodland Acres Wedding Venue | Bronson, Michigan


Take a look at one of our favorite associate-shot weddings of 2023! Blaire and Brandon had such a beautiful wedding celebration at Woodland Acres Wedding Venue, and our amazing associate Gabbie knocked this one out of the park.

Gabbie knows that one of the things that is most important to me, especially at associate weddings, is focusing on the quality of light. Rich, golden light is my absolute favorite and oh my goodness, did she NAIL this for Brandon and Blaire!

I am loving that couples are now doing private vows. When we shoot photo and video together, private vows really give us time to showcase the couple and their connection, and it also give them time to truly focus on the commitment and vows they are making to one another. If you have the time to do privatoe vows, I will always recommend them!

Um, did Gabbie rock these portraits or what? From the lighting to the prompts to the masterful use of camera skills- she hit the jackpot here. Plus, what a fine ass group of people, am I right? Just look at them!!

Gotta say, I love this hydrangea wall. It is really unique and ads such a lovely pop of color and texture to every photo. This like this are good things to look for when seeking a venue!

I have really come to appreciate the dark and moody look these days. Using shadows to highlight textures is a really fun way of adding depth and interest to a photo and bam! Look at those cupcakes!


CAN YOU HANDLE IT? I mean, look at that couple’s portrait!! Look at that stunning golden bokeh behind them. This is the stuff of a photographer’s dream! Plus Blaire and Brandon DELIVERED in every portrait. Just look at them!

Vendors we loved working with include:

Venue | Woodland Acres Wedding Venue

Associate Photographer | Gabrielle Lester of Gabrielle Cynthia Photo