Rich and Alyssa | Summer Engagement Session | Michigan State University | East Lansing, Michigan


Aside from the fast that Rich and Alyssa are really beautiful people, they also happen to be two of the nicest, most genuine people with hearts of gold. I met them through another one of my couples (shout out to Megan!!) and I have absolutely LOVED getting to know these two!

Keep reading to hear more about this awesome engagement session at Michigan State University!

Beaumont Tower is the first spot I ever saw on MSU’s campus. I visited the campus WAYYYY back in 2009 with a friend of mine who was at school at MSU, and I will never forget it! Lots of campuses have clock towers, but what I loved so much about Beaumont is the beautiful greenery surrounding it. As you can see, it makes for a really wonderful photo location!

I am a sucker for that golden, glowy light. The way it was filtering through the trees this day was so beautiful, and we took our time to get some really gorgeous images!

Take a moment to appreciate the ring friends! What a stunner!

One of the things that I find couples are always surprised about is the lack of posing at my sessions. I much prefer to prompt people because movement = authenticity. I am not sure if it’s my background in film or if it’s because I still do a lot of videography or what, but I know that the most genuine laughter and expressions come from moments where people are just goofing around, having fun, and not focusing on holding an expression for the camera. Alyssa even said after we did the first few prompts that she was surprised by how easy it was! And that is always my goal- to capture those genuine, full-of-life moments while making the entire process effortless for my couples!

I told them to lay down on the bricks in front of Beaumont and they were such good sports! I often ask couples to do weird or goofy stuff and get a little side eye, but these two jumped right into things with no hesitation! It is always so much fun when couples trust me to do what I do and still enjoy themselves while we are at it.

UGH these FOUNTAIN PHOTOS! These are some of my favorites- I just love the way the colors look and how they have such sweet expressions. Chef’s kiss.

I mean, when at MSU one must take photos in front of the stadium. Duh.

She bit his ear and I tell you, I was crying laughing. Man I love it when couples do crazy stuff and really show off their dynamic!

Alyssa got Rich this sweater early on in their relationship, and he wanted to wear it at their engagement session because he has always loved it so much, and he told me it makes him think of Alyssa. COME ON MAN!! Haha! I love these two!

Come back soon because I will be posting their wedding photos and wedding video and YOU WON’T WANNA MISS THOSE- I PROMISE!!