4 Foolproof Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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We all want to give mom something she will enjoy for Mother’s Day, but sometimes that can be hard to do. Here are four foolproof gift ideas that you can do with the kids or have the kids do themselves if they are old enough. And trust me, I KNOW these gifts are gonna make mom so happy. 😃

  1. A Letter- Listen, I know this sounds simple, but it is often overlooked! Mom’s have a lot going on, and sometimes we forget to tell them just how much we love and appreciate them. Letters, whether written by the kids or by a partner, give you a chance to tell Mom why you are thankful for her. Whether it’s her amazing baked goods or the fact that she gives the best hugs ever or that she is the one who taught you how to value yourself- there are thousands of reasons why we love our moms. Let her know! She will cherish a gift like that forever.

  1. Alone Time- Y’all, we KNOW that moms are busy. Busy, overworked, and often without the time they deserve to recharge. You can do a lot with this gift! Clean the house and give her a “certificate” for some alone time so she can have a hot bath and a glass of wine in the comfort of her own home. Give her a gift card to a spa day or even a fun night out- something she would enjoy doing alone. Do the mental work and the actual work for Mom so she can enjoy the gift without having to lift a finger!

  1. A Scrapbook or Photo Book- This gift is also versatile, but take a bit more prep time. If you have months or even a full year to plan it out, creating a scrapbook that includes all of the moments you shared with mom is super sweet. You can include photos, ticket stubs, handwritten notes, meaningful crafts, and elements that speak to a special memory you have with mom. Or, if you do a photo book, include photos that you have taken with mom or photos of adventures you had together. Don’t overthink it! The photos don’t have to be perfect or professional to showcase wonderful memories.

  1. A Board Game- This gift is a little more specific and an actual physical gift, but the cool thing about a board game is that not only are you giving her something fun to do, but you are also giving her quality time with you! I asked a few moms I know what they want for Mother’s Day, and every single one of them said something along the lines of “quality, stress-free time with my family” or “I want my adult kids to call me” – you get the picture. At the end of the day, Mom just wants to connect! Gifts like this are great because they can be age-appropriate and evolve as your kids grow!

Whatever you decide, just remember that at the end of the day, moms just want to know they are loved, appreciated, and seen. Show her those things and any gift you give will be perfect! ♥️