Lindsey and Seth | Spring Wedding | Aquinas College | Grand Rapids, MI


I am so excited to show you Lindsey and Seth’s lovely spring wedding! They did all of their portraits at Aquinas College, and held their ceremony and reception at the Doubletree off of 28th St. in Kentwood. As with a lot of couples, their wedding was delayed due to Covid. Originally planned for September of 2020, these two rallied in 2021 and had such a beautiful, heartfelt celebration.

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I first met Lindsey at Celebration Cinema where we worked together years ago. While that experience was not a fun one, this wedding certainly was! Lindsey and Seth started dating back in our cinema days, so it was really nice to catch up with her and get to know Seth through the entire process of capturing their engagement and wedding!

GAH! Their first look is one of my favorites ever. Seth was so sweet and just absolutely enamored. It was beautiful to see and I was so happy to see that love showcased. I think first looks are amazing because they give the couple a minute to process the emotions and gravity of their wedding day, and for a lot of couples, it give them a moment to really express how they are feeling during a day that does by so quickly.

We did their engagement photos at the Holmdene Building the winter prior to their original wedding date, so of course we had to recreate some of their favorite photos for the wedding gallery!

The wedding speeches- guys- these were incredible. I hear a LOT of speeches, and I can honestly say that Kaela (Lindsey’s sister and MOH) and Noah (Seth’s brother and Best Man) did amazing. They made people laugh and cry and smile with happiness. When the whole crowd is feeling the same emotions as the bride and groom- that’s when you know it is a great speech.

Sadly, Noah passed away in 2023. Although I barely knew him, he was easily one of the kindest and most genuine guys I’ve met at a wedding and his love for his family was incredibly clear the entire day. Such a terrible loss of a wonderful person, and my heart goes out to Seth and Lindsey and their family.

Portrait Location | Aquinas College Holmdene Manor