Kaitlyn and Travis | Grand Haven State Park | Summer Couple’s Session | Grand Haven, MI

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Kaitlyn and Travis are some of my oldest friends, and when Kaitlyn said she wanted to do an “epic beach photoshoot” I was all in! My one request was a red dress with a super long train- and when Kaitlyn showed up with this dress OMG – dream come true!

Read on to see the sexy, romantic, and beautiful couple’s portraits we took at Grand Haven State Park and the Rosy Mound Natural area.

The sunset at our Lake Michigan beaches just cannot be beat. No matter the time of year it makes an impact and adds so much to portraits!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Look at that smoky, sexy couple! I asked for HOT and they DELIVERED!!!

Can I hear a little commotion for the dress?! – Cher, probably. (Actually, it was definitely Cher. 1975 haha!)

And if you are not a glowy sunset kind of person, don’t fret! Lake Michigan will also deliver moody skies, beautiful beaches, and the kind of weather that will give you whiplash. But we love it!

I. I cannot. No words. They are just BURNING up that beach! YOWZA!


Grand Haven State Park | South Pier and Lighthouses

Rosy Mound Natural Area